3 things you MUST eat on your trip to Peru

Peru is one of those countries that can be visited with the sole purpose of satisfying the palate. Here there is no gluttony sin, but we do not want it to exist, and if we are going to go to hell for a lot of food, get him up to the fire and we get a jerky back next to the devil himself, who surely becomes addicted to Peruvian food and even end up forgiving us.

No kidding, in Peru you eat delicious. Not for nothing, three of the best restaurants in the world (according to the list of San Pellegrino) are in its capital, Lima.

Lima is one of those cities where a good tourist visit consists of going from one restaurant to another.

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In Peru you will find a great variety of dishes, so it may be a bit difficult to choose which to try, in my opinion, these nine dishes should try them out yes or yes.

Peruvian ceviche

In many parts there is ceviche, in Mexico we make some very rich but the Peruvian is Peruvian and something has that combination of ingredients that makes it special. It is considered heritage of the nation and is also very healthy and dietetic. Eat ceviche every day and see how they lose weight!

Lomo Saltado

It is an art to do well and to be juicy, with much flavor and to the point. Salted loin is beef with onions, garlic, chilli, tomato and parsley, and is inspired by Cantonese food. Some add other ingredients and is usually accompanied with fries. Everyone has their favorite place to eat as they like.

Cause stuffed
This is my favorite and my way of explaining it is this:

The cause is a sandwich that instead of bread has yellow potato mashed potatoes (in Peru there are thousands of potato varieties) the filling can vary because everyone makes their version, but usually they carry avocado, chicken or tuna. It’s delicious!

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