Travel Budgets

The most common question I get on my social networks has to do with the cost of travel. As I said in another post the data on how much each of my trips cost is relative. A cheap trip or luxury trip depends on the person rather than the destination. Nobody spends the same visiting the same destination and the same route. We all have different lifestyles and spending varies depending on taste and season.

Anyway I made a list of budgets of each of the countries that I visited. Budgets are per day without transportation (airplane, train, bus and more) and are divided into three categories.

Survival.- Sleep in hostels, eat in the street or fast food and visit some attractions paid. The main thing is to save.

Smart.- Sleep in cheap hotels or hunt deals, eat at some restaurants and visit pay-per-view attractions and some shows.

Luxury.- No limits, luxury hotels, restaurants and special experiences.


80USD Survival

Intelligent. 170USD

Luxury. + 250USD

* The most popular cities like New York are considerably more expensive than the rest.


Survival 50 Euros

Smart 130 Euros

Luxury +200 Euros


70CND Survival

Smart 180CND

Luxury + 250CND


75USD Survival

Smart 150USD

Luxury + 300USD

France and England

Survival 60Euros

Smart 160Euros

Luxury + 300Euros

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