What show do you see in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is home to the entertainment capital of the world. The nickname of Sin City no longer likes it. Now the destination is focused on experiences that entertain not only the adults who love the game.

However, this new pseudonym is perfect. It is impressive the number of shows, including concerts, musicals, magic shows, circus, cabaret, shows for adults, imitators and more, scattered throughout a city that seems to never sleep.

This offer simply complicates things a bit when deciding what show to see when visiting Las Vegas.

I made a list of all the shows I’ve seen, giving my most honest opinion hoping to help them choose better on their trip.

I have divided them into several categories.



It is the company’s oldest show and continues to be successful. In this family show you can appreciate the purest style that gave the Soleil its world-wide fame. For those looking for the great technology of the 21st century this is not the option. Mystere is rather a classic that does not disappoint but some consider it a little old. I like it, but it’s not my favorite.


Personally I consider “O” the masterpiece of Cirque in Las Vegas. It was the first show to use as a pool stage and despite its years is still spectacular. Unlike Le Rêve, the other “aquatic” show on the strip (of the same director but not of Cirque) “O” possesses a poetic and nostalgic load that makes it unique and memorable. Some teens may find it a bit boring but I love it.


It is the only Cirque show for adults in the world. In a more intimate theater, a parade of characters take us to a kind of cabaret where everything is possible. Sex and eroticism are the main theme and there are some partial nudes. If you are looking for a really hot show this is probably a “light” option, it has fun times and impeccable artistic and production quality.

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