about us

about us

Le Valet runs on the most basic of premises:

“People want things done but don’t have the time to do them”

Wherever you are in the world, Le Valet can organize your travel (at an extra cost), so you never have to miss out on one of our experiences.

Each trip is tailored specifically to you, reflecting your individual needs, tastes and interests. Whether it’s a life-long dream or something that just tickles your fancy, we have all the right contacts and expertise to make your dreams come true. Le Valet personal travel consultants are always creating new and innovative experiences, aiming to bring your ‘once in a lifetime’ dreams alluringly within reach.

Every month our intrepid Lifestyle Travel Managers are off gallivanting across the globe to get the inside scope on the most stylish and ideal properties. From the chic, to the unique, the exotic and the grand, we work with a treasure trove of the world’s most exclusive luxury resorts, hotels, adventure lodges, spa retreats, safari camps and private boltholes imaginable on earth.

What does Le Valet do for you?

  • Understands and customizes your travel needs, whether they are for Business or Leisure.
  • Researches the Internet, negotiates with local travel agents and finally passes on the best deal to you maximizing your savings.
  • Shortlists hotels, shopping areas, sights, restaurants based on personal experiences and non-biased opinions of previous travelers.
  • Helps in booking complete end-to-end trips and drafting an itinerary with precise travel information (flight timings, hotel address, along with certain Do’s and DONT’s for your trip).
  • Unlike a typical travel agent, your Travel Valet is always available for you, even during your trip (in case of additions and last minute changes).

Why Le Valet?

During my numerous trips, I made some mistakes like any tourist would.

For e.g.:

Chose a great destination, but went at a wrong time.
Was misinformed about the quality of the hotel, its location and amenities.
Stay either too short or too long at a particular destination.
Did not factor in the correct budget for the trip.
Had limited knowledge on what places should not be missed and what places could be skipped.

These experiences transformed me from a simple “tourist” to an experienced “traveler” I can now put myself in the shoes of the tourist, and understand what kind of vacation they are looking for and provide suitable options to choose from.