idea to reality

My zest for travel grew when I started planning trips for family, friends and relatives. Because of the exposure I had from having traveled so many times to New York City, I could now place myself in the shoes of the travelers who have certain apprehensions about their visits to NYC. I would be involved in planning their trips across New York, as well to London, Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and so many other European cities (places I have been familiar with during my travels).

On personal interaction with the travelers I would get a feel about what kind of things they would like to do and accordingly plan their trips step by step. At times I would find myself spending hours just trying to get the best deals for flights/hotels/car rentals etc. through the Internet or local contacts.

Being a world traveler for so many years, it was easier for them to trust my opinion and suggestions and not simply follow what was outlined in the travel guides. They were most happy about the things I would recommend for them to do which were not typically for tourists.

Most of the times I would accompany them on their trips and help them with issues like currency exchange, booking their flights and train/bus tickets, suggesting proper medical help when required, car rentals, hotels and/or apartments, and especially mobile connections and communications.

My family and friends pushed me to start up this service, which I can now proudly offer to all of you.